Tumor Ganas - Fuck Originality, Here Our Noise!!
Released: June, 2008
Label: Noiseblast records
Country: Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

01 anjing sekali !! (The Protesters Cover)
02 grindcore and alcohol (Combat Rock cover)
03 aku benci (Anti-Military cover)
04 Audio-Death (Assuck Cover)
05 sekali bajingan tetap bajingan (Type-X cover)
06 protest to survive (varukers cover)
07 Reality to peace this world (extreme decay cover)
08 gratheful there (socialdeformity cover)
09 punkandanger (totaldestroy cover)
10 is there a place? / go fucking nichilist (agathocles cover)
11 terror uberalez (dislike cover)
12 diskriminasi mati (shenoid cover)
13 anjing sekali / akubenci (diy live)

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