TUMOR GANAS - Put The Mask And Back To The Track (Digi-Grindworks Demo 2015)

01 - Dominant Ambition Of The Neckless Ape
02 - Fake Crust Kids Who Hate Emo (Follower Dumb Ass!)
03 - You're Not Martyr, You're Just Slave!

Produced by: Grindfucker & Tumor Ganas
Released Digital Files by: Tumor Ganas
On July 29, 2015

All Tracks written by: Tumor Ganas
Recording, Mixing & Mastering at: Noiseblastudio
Engeneer: Goredhell Grindfucker
Date: February - May 2015

All Artwork by: The Gallery Of GORED inc.

All tracks Length: 04:57 Minutes

Supported by:
Grindtoday Records, Noiseblast Recording, Liberae Merch, Vomit Noise Merch, Street Inside Lapak/Distro, RAW merch, Dead Procces, Hailcrow Merch, Trueless Merch, Spermblast Records, Gored inc Artwork, InFUNtee HC kids wear, Misanthropic lapak/distro, Black Rebelion Records, Slam Death Metal Logos, Barabai Community.

Goredhell Grindfuckers (All Instrument, Song Writer, Music Programming, Distortion, Sounds Engeneer, Throat, Scream, Pitch Shifter, Troublemaker, Joker, etc)

Streaming 128kbps here:


Download 10,1 MB (320kbps) here:

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